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Hi all,

How can I add "sopranotrain" entry to DNS with IP address? I would be more than happy if you please remember I am beginner. any DNS entry done on the AD I think Am i right?


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I am assuming you have DNS installed on your server, please follow the steps:
1. Log on to your Server 2003.
2. Go to Start > Administrative Tools > DNS.
3. Browse to YourServerName > Forward Lookup Zones > YourDomain.
4. Right-click on YourDomain and select New Host (A)...
5. Enter the Name and IP address of the host that you want to add.
6. Leave the Create associated pointer (PTR) record checked.
7. Click Add Host.
8. Click OK if you get a warning, and click Done.


1.   Logon to Windows server 2008 computer with elevated privileges.
2.   Click on Start button and from the menu point the mouse to Administrative Tools.
3.   From the appeared submenu click on DNS and from the opened DNS Manager window expand Forward Lookup Zone tree.
4.   After the tree is expanded you will be displayed with the name of the zone that you created and you need to right click on it to get a menu.
5.   From the appeared menu click on New Host (A or AAAA) record.
6.   In New Host box type the name of the host for which you want to create the record under Name text box and specify the IP address for that host under IP address text box. If you have created Reverse Lookup Zone you can also check Create associated pointer (PTR) record checkbox to create PTR record for the newly created Host (A) record.
7.  Once done, click on Add Host button to create the record.

ultraaslanAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the qick response. my "add host" option is grayed out. Does this mean I do not have correct privileges?
Please run the application with elevated Privileges .. as a Domain Administrator.

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