pc or mac for video editing and graphic design

Hello I need to buy/built a computer, could be mac or pc. I need for a lot of video editing

hardware specs:

video graphics adobe premiere pro cs5 approved
harddrive for OS solid
max ram 64 -96 gb
CPU i7 for working with video
expansion hard drives or other network hard drive with fast access speed at least 5400 rpm min 2tb per drive - 8 drives
e-sata or firewire connection peripherals

software that will run on this box:

photoshop cs 5
premiere pro
sound booth

working a lot of video editing and animation

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jhyieslaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'd go with a high end Mac Pro. Should be able to meet all of your specs and run the programs you list and, if you need it, will also run Final Cut Pro. Not that you can't find a PC that will do this (except run FCP), but this is the very job the Mac was made to do. My son just finished a college degree using many of these same products to design things, edit video and make movies. He's now in a fifth year at a film school and still using his Mac laptop that we got him. Apple makes solid hardware.  If you are near an Apple store check one out. You can also perhaps find a FCP group in your area or on line where you can have serious discussions with movie pros about the relative strengths and weaknesses of the hardware. He's using a laptop because he needed the portability, but the Mac Pro will give you the upgrades that you are looking for.
CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are comfortable with PCs, you should be able to get the hardware you specified for less than what a comparable Apple desktop would cost.  I think you would need to get the Mac Pro to get 4 cores, and those start at $2500.  A Dell Precision T5500 workstation or HP Z600 workstation should meet your needs - you can configure it on their website.  For additional external storage, a Synology or QNAP NAS with 4-6 drives should suffice.
Mac Pro. check out macperformanceguide.com
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shreshthwadhwaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
IMO MAC....go for it... i have a pc core i7 ge force 9800 gt.. etc etc... all hardcore... but still...
i think windows was made to crash.... one day i am editing my photos... it hung.. i couldnt believe my eyes.. i7-920.. HUNG!! seriously.. problem is not with the hardware but with the software... mac all the way.. :)
callendor is right in that a Dell will cost less. But it's not always about the cost. Sometimes it's about tool to get the job done. Not that Macs are perfect, but Apple hardware is just top notch and tech support, when you do need it, is top rated year after year. I think you would be very pleased with a Mac pro outfitted as you have outlined.
I don't have anything against Apple hardware, especially since they switched to Intel cpus and motherboards, but they charge a lot and as a hardware expert, I know what that difference is.  I have worked on the OS/X predecessor (NeXT) and loved the way it was integrated, but I wish Apple would let people add their own hardware and be more open-system minded.  It's all about going for the best equipment for a reasonable price.
ChubzillaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Currently mac is better for video/movie editing, but if your hardware supports and you don't do anything too stupid on your PC, anything achievable by a Mac can be done on a PC.
You can build a much better PC with the same account of $$ than buying a Mac.
Remember though, when things break... Mac has custom support... If you built a PC.. be ready for forum search. Seeing you are asking this question on a forum like site.. I don't think you will mind that. ^^
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