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HELP!!! Need to rebuild my Terminal Server...

Hi, I am needing help to make sure the proper steps to setting up a Terminal Server (TS).

Unfortunately, the one and only TS has hardware crashed and I didn't have a current backup of it.

It was a Server 2003 32-bit, connected to my domain and locked down by a Group Policy.

I need to rebuild it and get DreamWeaver reinstalled ASAP.

I have rebuilt it to the point Terminal Services role is installed, but I cannot reach it via the browser (IE).  I figured I needed to install IIS role for web services.  But I still cannot get it to connect or at least display the TSWeb page.  

I could not find anything else in the role services to install for the TS to display a default web page, like before.

What am I missing or do I need to start all over with the install of TS?

Any suggestions, articles, how to's, step-by-step, etc, will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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I have enclosed a word document, that helps you in creating the Terminal Server on Windows 2003

Go through the document and if any doubt let me know.
rsnellmanAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the doc.  I followed it, but now need to get it setup so students can access it or logon via IE or web browser.  I assume I need to have IIS installed.  Should that be installed before or after terminal server services are installed?  Also, what else will I need installed to accomplish this?

Thanks again.
rsnellmanAuthor Commented:
OK, I am not sure the process of setting up Terminal Services to be accessed via the Web.  That is what I am trying to accomplish.  Do I need to install Terminal Server service & Terminal Server Licensing service within Add/Remove Programs then install IIS services too rr do it all together at one time installation.

Or just install IIS services and install the tsweb plug-in from here : http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?displaylang=en&id=14531

Or if I need to do something else, like this:  http://www.petri.co.il/install_remote_desktp_web_connection_on_windows_server_2003.htm

Any ideas?

Thanks again in advance.

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