How can I get the Enterprise Admins to be listed as universal under group scope

I'm preparing to migrate my domain from a windows 2000 domain to a windows 2008 domain. In preparation for this undertaking I'm building a lab environment to be like our current enviroment before I migrate it to windows 2008. I've discovered that in our real life domain the Enterprise Admins group is listed as being Universal under Group Scope and Security under Group Type on the general tab in AD. However, when I check the Enterprise Admins group in my lab environment it is listed as Global under Group Scope and Security under Group Type on the general tab in AD. How can I change the Enterprise Admin group in my lab environment from being in Global under group scope to Universal under group scope on the general tab?
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Mike KlineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Can you check the domain functional level in your lab

From the link "When the domain functional level is set to Windows 2000 mixed or Windows Server 2003 interim, security groups with universal scope cannot be created, although distribution groups with universal scope are still permitted."


cheyligerAuthor Commented:
Thanks mkline71, the article that you recommended resolved the issue.
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