PowerPoint not allowing more than one animation per object per slide


I just started using PowerPoint (2010) for the first time since upgrading from Office (2007).  I have a number of objects on a certain slide for which I am attempting to create animations.  

The goal is to have five of the objects appear one after another each time I click the mouse and then once all five are present, the next mouse click is intended to cause the first three of the five to fade so that only the 4th & 5th remain.

I have no trouble setting the five "appear" animations but when I select the "fade" animation for the first three objects, instead of tacking that new animation on to the end of the sequence for this slide, it replaces the original "appear" animations set just previously for those three objects.

I have not seen this type of scenario occur in PowerPoint previously.  With my PowerPoint (2007), I could create a whole string of animations for an  object (e.g. have it appear that disappear then reappear then move then fade, etc.) all in a single slide.

I have looked for a location that might have a setting that needs changing but I have not found anything.  Can someone tell me what is causing this behavior and how I can correct it?

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Echo_SConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In PPT 2010, you must select the Add Animation button -- it's to the right of the Animation Gallery. Using the Animation Gallery just deals with the one animation.

(I know, it's a terribly designed interface.)
Steve_BradyAuthor Commented:
Thanks Echo.

One more question but I will post that as a new thread.
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