Terminal Services licensing question in Windows 2003 - can we uninstall/reinstall without losing licenses?

We need to test a Terminal Services issue on Windows 2003 server with 30 TS licenses. We want to make sure that we backup these licenses before uninstalling/reinstalling OR know for sure that they will not be impacted by an uninstall/reinstall event for Terminal Services. We cannot locate the original codes nor see these codes in the TS Licensing console, so we want to make sure we do not lose these 30 licenses.
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There is no such thing as "license codes" when it comes to Terminal Server licenses.  Each license server is activated through Microsoft Clearing house after they validate your license agreement.  Depending on the kind of license, you have to provide an agreement number, Customer number, or similar.  You should have all this information from when you made the Terminal Server license purchase. Contact your licensing partner to re-obtain this information for you.

You will be pleased to know however that you can remove Terminal Server without removing Terminal Server Licensing, since you can have either or both roles installed on a server.  Removing Terminal Server Licensing will most likely deactivate your license server, which will require you to re-activate it.

I'm not aware of any way you can back up the license server component itself.  I would suggest that for safety sake you do one of the following:

Clone the server's hard drive, and use the clone copy to do your testing
Do a P2V "migration" of the server, and do your testing in an Isolated virtual environment.  Naturally, the physical server will remain operational while you can do your testing on a virtual machine.
In your situation I'd recomend setting up a temporary box (maybe a VM) & just move the licenses from one server to another:


Then once the TS is upgraded, if it overwrites anything, you can just move them back. Hope this helps.
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