How to prevent an image on a website from being copied?

I want to post art work on a website but do not want visitors to be able to copy these images.

There's watermarking, no right click scripts, etc.

Which do you think is the best method? any others?

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Even with no right clicking most web savvy users will be able to get your work, its pretty easy. Utilizing several images with long randomized names, and having only one visible (made visible via stylesheet) will make it harder for people to find your image. Most will give up after a few failed tries.

This + watermarking is your best bet, always watermark images uploaded to web if you want to protect them. Always always always.

<img src="sakfafefaeflkasdflkasfkladsfasf.png" class="ijadfaefld" />
<img src="akldsfjaklrlsfklafnadfaflkasdff.png" class="rgweraefsd" />
<img src="adfjkaelsneafjksafhlashfalsufda.png" class="asdfaesdfd" />
<img src="aemnasdnlanfendsklasdjhfhaskdfh.png" class="gfvasdfaed" />
<img src="masnufehlsdflkjasjdfkfnehsldfjh.png" class="zxdfzdfsfa" />
<img src="asdnjhufensudnfxfdskjheuksdjfjd.png" class="efasfasdfe" />
<img src="asmasjdfjaskdnkfeujsdnfasddasdf.png" class="adfasdfead" />
<img src="fadsfaejhasfhjefasfladsfafeaeas.png" class="asfaeadsds" />

Open in new window

then add css so that only one of the classes is visible
this way if you embed the stylesheet command deep in your css file it would make it a big chore to track down your image.

if using a scripting language, you can automate this process very easily.

be sure to use watermarks, cannot stress this enough
caliea--Making a screenshot will allow copying of almost any web image.
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