421 4.4.2 connection dropped due to SocketError

I have problmes to send mails, exchange sent me tihs error: 451 4.4.0 primary target iIPaddress respondend with "421 4.4.2 conection dropped due to socketerror
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How many exchange servers do you have,..?
mails are suck in which queue..?
Also check the ip blacklist once.

Also check this once
ATIOSAAuthor Commented:
Thanks to both, Actually I have only one server, I don't understand about the queue.. I checked black list and everythingis ok.
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ATIOSAAuthor Commented:
Hi, i tested creating the DWORD value in the registry but the problem not solve. any idea?
Under Server Configuration right click on the server and select properties, under External DNS lookups, add your ISP DNS servers in here.

Then under Organisation Configuration > Hub Transport, check the properties of your internet send connector under Network check the box to use External DNS lookup settings.

Restart the Microsoft Exchange Transport service
Issue can also be caused by your firewall
Have you kept any firewall between both site WAN connectivity, Are you able to telent other site Exchange Server at port 25 and can send test mail thru SMTP command ?? . Also try to restart HUB transport servive on remote HUB server and check the status.

Please send test mail thru SMTP comand and share result.

Use Telnet to Test SMTP Communication:
Also please check you Ip is not listed on the Black list too

ATIOSAAuthor Commented:
Hi Sumit, I test the first steps you mention but nothing change. Here is the result for mail thru SMTP command

220 mail.atio.com.mx ESMTP (302e03eed096096c5f4feb752280b0b1)
helo hotmail.com
250 mail.atio.com.mx Hello hotmail.com [], pleased to meet you
mail from:xx@hotmail.com
250 Ok
rcpt to: xx@atio.com.mx
554 Service unavailable; Client host [hotmail.com] blocked using Barracuda Reputation; http://www.barracudanetworks.com/reputation/?r=1&ip=

I'm not in blacklist.
check setting on barracuda, i think its causing this issue  
ATIOSAAuthor Commented:
I talked with my ISP and apparently is a problem with a PTR register in DNS SERVER... I hope to found a solution.

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any update on this issue
Similar problem.

Exchange 2010 on Win SBS 2011 server.

I have 2 outside email domains getting this error.  All other email flows thru.

SMTP via telnet works.

Interesting that both smtpsend log shows at the end, before retrying the connection
2013-03-14T00:03:01.558Z,Default to Internet,08CFD871781A7418,0,,,*,,attempting to connect
2013-03-14T00:03:01.558Z,Default to Internet,08CFD871781A7418,1,,,+,,

IP address, in the last line, is different then the original  EHLO session ip addresss- clue?
ATIOSAAuthor Commented:
At the end, there was a problem with DNS resolutions.
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