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My OS is windows 7.  I had bought a domain name thru hostgator, however the name given was meant for another project but it did not take off the ground.  So nothing was done on the internet as far as the site was concerned.  Is it possible to change the name of this already paid for domain, to another domain name which has not been taken yet.  If Yes, please let me know the steps to take.  Thank u.
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No.  I regret to inform that domains once purchased cannot have their name altered - not even to fix a spelling mistake.  You will need to purchase a new domain.
Joshua TitsworthDigital Marketing SpecialistCommented:
I'd contact Hostgator to see what they can do. What you'll probably end up doing is dropping the domain and registering another. But since you haven't done anything to it depending on how much time has passed since you bought it, I'd just ask to see if you can swap it out. No matter what, your first step is to reach out to Hostgator.
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