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many erros in event viewer - POP3SVC

Error 0x7da occurred while rendering message 0001-00000333a900 for download for user archive@xcompany.com.

recieving tonnes of these in event viewer. Thinking it may have something to do with barracuda message archiver.
help! btw, this is my first question ever on this site.

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1 Solution
The code 0x7da in the error means "ecMessageNotRenderable". Emails in Exchange Information Store can be saved in Rich Text format, which is the format used in MAPI. In order to be transferred via POP3/IMAP4, the email should be converted to MIME. In case Exchange failed to render the message into the RFC822 standard for Internet text messages, the error 1023 with code 0x7da will be logged in application log.
Please kindly refer to the following KB article for this issue:
XCCC: Error When You Open a Message with a POP3 E-Mail Client
Theoretically we can remove the problematic item in the user's mailbox to eliminate this error. However, it's not easy to locate the message with the ID 0001-0000001cded6. In this condition, I suggest we try to fix this issue by moving the user's mailbox to another Mailbox store (store in different storage group preferred). During mailbox move, Exchange will scan all items in the mailbox and remove any corrupted one.
After moved the mailbox, please ask the user to access mailbox and check if the error disappeared. If the issue persists, please try to exam the entire mailbox store with utility Isinteg. Isinteg is a tool which can check an offline mailbox store and fix any integrity issue in application level.
BluEuroAuthor Commented:
These messages are in the event viewer on the actual exchange server, not on a user's pc.  could it be because something is trying to send a message to the mailbox "archive@xcompany.com" and that mailbox doesnt exist?
Yes, offcourse. Please remove these messages
Also try to restart the POP3 service.
Just as a sidenote...   I had the same errors on my 2003 Exchange and we were using the Barracuda Msg Archiver.  What was causing the errors were calendar updates going to and from the uers's smartphones.

I went into the Mail Journal (as setup for Barracuda) and there were over a hundred calendar events stuck and not processing.  Once I moved them to a new folder the errors on Exchange 2003 went away.

Now I need to figure a way to prevent these from going into the inbox of Mail Journal and all should be fine and a Healthier and Happier Exchange server...

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