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I have SBS 2008 server with 16Gb of ram that I am having issues with lock ups.  It usually locks up when changing USB backup hard drives.  I have noticed that the sbs SQl instance and their SQL instance are taking up large amounts of RAM.  I have tried limiting the amount of memory that SQL uses through command line but after I reboot the server it seems to go back to the way it was. I have done all the recent MS updates too.


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Larry Struckmeyer MVPCommented:
Do you mean the lockups are a usual occurance when ever the USB drives are changed, as in this might be cause and effect, or do you mean it locks up at other times, but more frequently when changing the USB drives?

Does the OS lock up upon removal, or upon re-attach?  Does it make any difference if the power is applied and on or if you power on after attaching?

What make and model  of USB drive?  Have you tried using a different USB port?  What events, if any are in the event logs that correspond to the time?  In control panel, right click the drive.  Under policies the drive should be set for quick removal.

16 GB of RAM, but no information about amounts in use or amounts free.  Frankly, if your RAM never goes over 15,999, you may not have a RAM issue.

For limiting the amount of RAM for SQL, see this blog post:
But this should not be the cause of your sudden lockups.
computerconceptsAuthor Commented:
The lockups are a usual occurance when the drives are changed.  It seems to when you reattach the drive.  I have tried different ports and that does not seem to make a difference.  I will check the quick removal.  If changing the drive after the server was rebooted recently it does not seem to happen then.  I did not see anything in the event log that corresponds to the lockups.  
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