select all in every ASP.NET textbox upon focus

I love this little bit of jQuery IE.

$(document).ready(function() {

   // Add this behavior to all text fields
   $('input[type=text]').focus(function() {
      // Select field contents;

For the page I'm working on, I really like this behavior.  If you select a textbox (INPUT type=text), this bit of code selects all text in that box, ready for you to delete it or replace it, whatever.

Problem is, this doesn't work in Firefox.  How do I modify it so that it works in both IE and Firefox?

I'm only interested in meta-code like this, run it once and that's it.  No adding code per-each-control.  Don't want that.  This is behavior I want attached to every single enabled textbox on my page.  Ideally, I just want to modify this bit of code to make it work.

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try this :
$(':text').focus(function() {
    setTimeout(new Function( "$(':text:eq(" +  $(this).index(":text") + ")').select()" ), 50 );

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bamapieAuthor Commented:
I'm a dope.  Still not getting this in Firefox.  I stuck an alert() at the end of your code that you're using in that setTimeout(), and I never see it in FF but do in IE.

But you know, it may be a 3rd-party tool I'm using that prevents non-numeric text entry in this textbox.

But then, you'd think if it's interfering, it would interfere with IE too, not just FF.

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