sharepoint alerts not working

We have SharePoint 2007 and we rely heavily on the SharePoint email alerts. We have recently decided to migrate from our current url http://company-intranet   to and make the site accessible from the internet. We have also made it redirect to use SSL if the user doesn’t connect with SSL. We added the new url to the alternate mappings. Page       
When we did this it caused some problems with alerting .We are getting alerts for some sites but not all. I believe it definitely has to do with our URL change. When we go into the alerts some of them are behaving strangely. For instance, if I go into outlook 2010 and go to rules and alerts. I click on certain alerts and go to its properties then view item, I get two browser windows open with 404 not found and
I have tried a number of troubleshooting steps and I can’t seem to figure out what the issue could be. I am getting alerts for some sites but not all. Any help would be appreciated! I have attached a word doc with some screen shots showing some of the strange behavior and my AAM page.

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Minesh ShahSharePoint & all about itCommented:
i believe smtp settings in iis, central admin & alert related features are fine, you checked it,

Next thing to be checked would be the database tables, after I read about the same problem in this newsgroup posting. The following four tables in the content database contain entries related to the alert emails:

ImmedSubscriptions (Stores the alerts for emails that are sent immediately when changes occur)
SchedSubscriptions (Stores daily or weekly scheduled alerts)
EventLog (This table contains events for which only non-immediate alerts exist)
EventCache (This table contains a list of site events for which users have requested alerts. WSS inserts events into this table as they occur)

I checked in these table to see if information about the alerts were being inserted and discovered that in the ImmedSubscriptions and EventLog tables there were actually entries which were related to the live server, as I believe the content database had been restored from a live copy a while ago, and the references obviously had not been updated automatically. So I cleared out each each one of these tables and re-tested the workflow. This made a bit of progress as I could now see that the alert information was getting inserted correctly into the EventCache and EventLog tables. However the ImmedSubscriptions table was still not receiving information about the alert.

After some frustrated iisresets and restarts of the timer job service, I was still having no luck whatsoever at getting these alert emails working so I reverted back to trusty Google for some more answers. I found this blog, which although not directly related, provided the winning answer. Updating the alert templates. After running the following stsadm command on the development machine, the task notification alert emails automagically started working again woohoo!

stsadm -o updatealerttemplates -url http://testserver -f "c:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\TEMPLATE\XML\alerttemplates.xml" -LCID 2057

So I can assume that the problem transpired from a restore of the content databased from a different server which somewhere along the line maintained some references to the original server. A clear out of the relevant databases and re-registering the alert templates seemed to solve the problem for me.

Hopefully this comes in handy..
jbla9028Author Commented:
I will check this command to see if it helps. We just figured out a couple things. So the clicking "view" on the alert page in outlook which causes two browser pages to open seems to be a Firefox related issue. I set my default browser back to IE9 and the problem disappeared.

The main issue where alerts were not being received seemed to be resolved by elevating my privileges on the page. Any page that I was the admin on I was receiving alerts but just being a "member" on a page doesn't allow me to receive alerts?
jbla9028Author Commented:
The problem with the browser and sharepoint also exists in the latest release of google chrome. Good old Microsoft trying to keep it's dwindling market share :)
jbla9028Author Commented:
My issues ended up being stemmed from the AAM settings. We had to set all the http and https links that we previously used and the new link under AAM to change to Once we did that and recrawled it worked.

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jbla9028Author Commented:
My issues ended up being stemmed from the AAM settings. We had to set all the http and https links that we previously used and the new link under AAM to change to Once we did that and recrawled it worked.
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