Running Appweb on OpenWRT

I have recently been developing a system that uses SquashFS, JFFS2, and mini_fo based on OpenWRT.  Everything is working fine except for Appweb 3.3.1.

I know that there are specific instructions on building Appweb for OpenWRT, which I think is needed to have Appweb running correctly on my system.

I would like to know if anyone out there can help me find out what compilation configurations are being used to get things working for OpenWRT?

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sctccommAuthor Commented:
Found that Appweb CGI does not process properly unless Logging is set to level 3 and up.  But was not able to get a clear response from Appweb developers as to why this occurs.

So current solution is to ensure that the appweb.conf Logging is NOT 1 or 2.
Jayachandran PalanisamyTechnical Consultant - LinuxCommented:

I am not sure this will help you or not.

Cheers :)

sctccommAuthor Commented:
I determined that most configurations will work on OpenWrt.  I was able to run Appweb fine on OpenWrt.  But for my platform, which is not OpenWrt, but uses the mini_fo filesystem is not working.

Essentially what I see is that CGI pages will load, but none of the Javascripts, images, or CSS files are getting loaded.
sctccommAuthor Commented:
Solution is a workaround, and not an absolute fix.
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