I am trying to print several pdf documents using a simple batch file

I am trying to print several pdf documents please help

I have tried different solution
 First solution i did was I just drag and drop multiple PDF's on the printer.            Not worked
 Second solution i did was    i highlighted the multiple Files right click and print.  Not worked
Can anyone help me how to write simple Batch file to print multiple  PDF files.
I will appreciate your help.
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This seems to be a limitation in the current WIndows OSs.  http://www.print-conductor.com/ has a free program that addresses this limitation.

There is a discussion of this issue on Microsoft's Answer site
geedi4Author Commented:
Thanks so much Billfusion i will give it go  i will let you know.

thanks mate
geedi4Author Commented:
Billfusion  it works nice mate.
geedi4Author Commented:
thanks mate
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