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I just landed a new long term gig.  The position is not very hand-on but more like managing external client's infrastructure.  The whole client-facing environment is hosted at Datacenters in other state. I will not do anything with internal infrastructure (AD/Exchange).  Cient-facing only.  So I will have to do a lot of clients/vendors relationship and management.  The technical knowleage will definitely help - Windows OS, data centers, DR, storage, backups, etc, etc.
The position is brand new in the growing company. So the title came out as Sr. Systems Engineer but open to other suggestions.  
Do you guys think the title is okay or should be different?

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RartemassConnect With a Mentor Service Desk AnalystCommented:
From the information above a Senior Systems Architect may suit better.
To me an Engineer connotes building something hands-on. From what you mention above it doesn't fit in my opinion. At least not combined with "systems". Whereas an architect is more design the system plans that gets handed down to engineers to build.

Just to be clear, are you simply managing the relationship between external clients and your organisation; or are you also managing the infrastructure for them to connect to your data centre?
Tiras25Author Commented:
Managing the infrastructure for them to connect to the data center.  But not really managing hands-on, more like managing vendors that hosting in their data centers.  Making sure it's secure, has redundancy (DR), the uptime met, documenting infrastructure for auditors, internal, and clients to show what we have, etc.
RartemassService Desk AnalystCommented:
Sounds like a cross between architecture, sales, customer relations, systems maintenance, and procurement.
Something like one of the following (or a mixture?):
Client Support Manager
Infrastructure Support Architect
Client Liaison Manager
Senior Architecture Support
Anthony RussoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Think ahead.

Current titles really are meaningless in most organizations. The time they matter is when you are looking towards your next position with a new company. What title will be the most eye catching towards your future?

Client Support Manager and Client Liaison Manager both sound like entry level positions to me if I was reading them on a resume.

Infrastructure Support Architect and Senior Architecture Support both sound like upper level positions at their face value. So does Senior Systems Engineer, but I like Rartemass suggestion of Senior Systems Architect. (Architect sounds better to me).

When I was a kid my grandfather always told me he was a Truckologist, (He was a truck driver.)

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