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Copied Outlook profile, now getting synchronization errors

Greetings all, I've been poring through the articles here on this issue but I believe my circumstances are a little different so I'm hoping someone might have an idea of how to fix this. I read somewhere here that this sync issue may not be fixed until the next version, but they weren't happening for my user until recently after I did some work, so I'm still under the impression that I may have triggered this behavior unintentionally:

Win 7 64-bit, Outlook 2010 SP1, and I think Exchange 2010 (I support the end user in California, Exchange server supported in Washington DC by someone unrelated). User wanted to have his business and personal email accounts separated into two profiles. Existing profile was called "Outlook" so to avoid confusion I wanted to create two new profiles called "Business" and "Personal". I used the Mail (32-bit) icon in Control Panel to "copy profile" twice, naming them accordingly. Pointed the "Business" profile to the same OST file (8GB) used by the original "Outlook" profile.

Opened properties for new "Business" profile and deleted the personal Earthlink email account and corresponding PST file, then went to "Personal" profile properties and removed Exchange account and OST from it. Opened Outlook and chose "Business" profile first, confirmed it opened and sent/received normally and had all the existing email populated in OST file. All looked normal. Then went to "Personal" profile and confirmed it functioned normally.

The next day, user began sending me sync errors appearing numerous times. They all have this format:

10:54:22 Synchronizer Version 14.0.6025
10:54:22 Synchronizing Mailbox '<username removed for privacy>'
10:54:22 Synchronizing local changes in folder 'Drafts'
10:54:22 Uploading to server '<server name removed for privacy>'
10:54:23 Synchronization of some deletions failed.
10:54:23                  [8004010F-10090101-0-130]
10:54:23                  Outlook Data File
10:54:23                  For more information on this failure, click the URL below:
10:54:23                  http://www.microsoft.com/support/prodredirect/outlook2000_us.asp?err=8004010f-10090101-0-130
10:54:23            1 item(s) deleted in online folder
10:54:23 Done

I returned to user's computer to troubleshoot. He uses an Android phone to connect as well so I had him remove and add back his Exchange account there. It has been syncing normally without errors since then. Tried using the registry hack found here to stop reporting of errors but they continue to appear. As a final attempt, I instructed him on how to disable Offline Cache Mode, move the OST file to another folder, and enable Offline Cache Mode again so as to repopulate the OST file, which took overnight on his slow Internet connection. Sync errors disappeared for a few days but are back again now.

Since the timing of these errors coincides with the work I did separating the profiles, I have a feeling I may have triggered this; however, given that this issue is experienced by so many people, I'm wondering if there is any fix at this time. If my extra action of creating the separate profiles means there may be a different fix available to me than what the other users here are reporting, I'd love to know. Thanks!
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1 Solution
Dhiraj MuthaLevel DCommented:
medicmaggieAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I was hoping that perhaps because it didn't start happening until I copied the profile, maybe there might be a different way to address this issue. Perhaps I'm mistaken, and I just happened to trigger what is an unresolved issue for others. Not good news, but likely.
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medicmaggieAuthor Commented:
Thanks for those. Alas, I've actually read through all of those previously and am losing hope that this is a workable issue. I have relayed to my user about the trick of trying to wait a few minutes after deleting items to Purge Deleted Items, or to do a few Send/Receive syncs first; I will see what his results are, but that seemed only to work for one particular user on the social.technet MS forum. EVeryone else still has the issue.

I will report back here as soon as I hear from my user how the possible workaround goes. It's a conundrum!
medicmaggieAuthor Commented:
Alas, I am still in a bind about this issue, but it appears I'm not alone, so I will await a possible fix from Microsoft on this in a patch or version release. Thanks to everyone who offered their suggestions.
medicmaggieAuthor Commented:
No workable solution available

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