Problems getting started with Windows Media Encoder 9

Hi Experts,

I am tryin to get ready to stream live video over my network using Windows Media Encoder 9.  I downloaded it yesterday and the software seems pretty easy to use.  I see the URL to share across my LAN but when I start encoding/streaming, I can's see the video on on any other computers.

Is there any setting I need to change on my computer? Are there settings I have to change on the network.  Ports that have to be opened? Firewall concerns?

Any ideas????
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Expression Encode is the update to WME but for now lets stick with WME.
The capture phase takes place when you pull audio and video from its source and onto the computer using a capture card.
May I offer you this complete guide using windows media encoder and pushing out  the stream via windows media player as one choice , it expains the correct capture / encode method and distribution

Creating a Successful Executive Broadcast using Windows Media 9 Series ( Quick Look )

You can download it by clicking on this link
Here is Instructions for Streaming Live Video
hope it assists
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jdolan2587Author Commented:
Thanks for the link.  I am able to go through all of the steps and start encoding.  The problem is when I type in the link on another computer I get the following message.  Inernet Explorer cant view this web page.

I am thinking it has something to do with a network setting or firewall????
type in the link?
as in a url? ip address?
refs to>Are there settings I have to change on the network.
Windows uses port 80  for http  protocol TCP

Microsoft Windows Media Services 9 Series uses two streaming media protocols to deliver content as a unicast stream to clients:
Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)
Microsoft Media Server (MMS) protocol
see here
and here
Configuring Windows Firewall for Windows Media Services
jdolan2587Author Commented:
I'm still trying but no success yet.  I will close out the question soon if I don't make any headway.

I even tried it on my home network vs. work network.
Did you test firewall off?
We can progress faster with your response and as many details you can provide as I cannot  see you :P
Which windows? all the same how many computers?
Do you have a media server and have installed windows media server?
To re-stream an existing live stream, you need to operate
the  windows media services, which is a component of windows server 2003
 All you said>stream live video over my network using Windows Media Encoder 9
Use the push video option and publish it
Tell your users to point their web browsers to http://servername/publishingpoint
try this guide

Have you enabled streaming in WMP?
If you have a home network, you can use Windows Media Player to stream media to computers and media devices in your home.
jdolan2587Author Commented:
I have only be trying to pull the video instead of push.

If I push what needs to be done to the server.  Install windows media services.

Here is some more info about my situation.

I am using a networked desktop computer(windows xp) hooked up to video and audio mixers via a capture device.  I want to stream a daily news broadcast to approximately 34 computers for about a 5 min broadcast.  

My network should be able to handle it.  We were just upgrading to gig switches today.  I am not locked into any specific video encoder, just need something reliable and cheap/Free.

If there is something that needs to be done on the network let me know and I will have my network admin give it a try.  
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