How can I use Outlook 2010 to use an internal messaging system

Good evening Experts,
I was wondering if there was a simple way to setup about 30 machines inside my technology center here at the Boys and Girls club with and internal messaging system.. I dont want my students to email outside the boundaries of the classroom. I dont want to use an ISP. Back in the old days I could do this. I am not up on the new messaging components of Outlook 2010. I dont want to set up an internal exhange server, as we dont have the resources for that, otherwise I would just do that. I hope that I have explained my request.
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Outlook 2010 Requires an Exchange Server and or POP Mail Account.

So in short, Outlook 2010 is not a tool to be used according to your requirements

If you just want to send Internal Messages
As Long as all these PCs are on a Domain or in a workgroup

You can Use NetSend

Otherwise, what you will be looking for is an Netwrok / WorkGroup Chat Applicaiton

These are readily available for download online

Just search using the above terms

Here is one for LAN Chat

Unfortunately Outlook is the client half of a client/server email solution.
You must have a link to a mail server somewhere (internal or external) to use it.

A quick Google search for client-client messaging found:

Or you could just use cmd codes:
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