Dell Windows 7 Desktop will not boot after System Recovery

I am trying to start fresh with a Windows 7 Dell desktop.

After using the Dell DataSafe recovery partition and reinstalling the operating system on the OS partition the machine will not boot.

I have tried start-up repair and

The boot issues started after running

FixTDSS from Symantec and repairing the infected MBR

Running bootrec.exe /fixmbr from the system recovery options after booting via the DVD does not fix the issue

Any help would be great.  I would rather not delete the Dell repair partition and install from different media
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
is the disk partition is set to active? you can verify that with Bootit-ng Bare Metal
Make sure the first boot device is hard drive in bios...reboot and check.

Try /fixboot
glad to help
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