SQL Server Service Account

Is there a way to find out what the SQL Server server account is from running a t-sql statement without going to the registry to get it?
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Metehan OzculluConnect With a Mentor SQL Service ManagerCommented:
I guess no such info is available inside SQL but there is a way to retrive this information from SQL using xp_command shell. You can see this info at  he following web:

Metehan OzculluSQL Service ManagerCommented:
do you need to find the service account for SQL?
PeterErhardAuthor Commented:
Yes and was wondering whether its possible to retrieve it from a system table or something and not have to do a registry lookup which I what I saw through a google search.
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BartVxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can also find it in the SQL Server Configuration Manager:

Program Files -> Microsoft SQL Server 2008 --> Configuration Tools --> SQL Server Configuration Manager

Then under SQL Server Services, right click the SQL Server Service and select properties.
Scott PletcherConnect With a Mentor Senior DBACommented:
You can retrieve it using Powershell and WMI, but that's at least as awkward as reading the registry really :-) .
PeterErhardAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys for the comments.
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