Cannot Open Filemaker File

I am trying to help someone with their filemaker pro file.  It came as an old USR package.  Last week I was able to open this and at least view the data.  However, now when I open the file, I get an error message followed by nothing.  The error message I get says:

    "The translator for this filetype cannot be found or initialized"

   There were issues with this database but a translator wasn't one of them.  I really need to get this data in order to extract it into another type database.    I also need screen shots of the layout.  Does anyone know how I can get a translator to access this file?
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Will LovingConnect With a Mentor PresidentCommented:
Try changing the file extension to .fp7, assuming that this is a FileMaker 7 or later Runtime. If it's FileMaker 5 or 6 based use .fp5. Double-clicking should then allow it to open in FileMaker directly.

You can also try performing a Recover (File menu) on the file.
Robert JacksonSystem DeveloperCommented:
In the absence of any other ideas -you could try this?  I know it has worked at least once! - "Open it on another machine!"

First step - cross your fingers for luck.

Second step - copy the "damaged" original file to another machine and open it with FileMaker.  It might just work there without any error message.  

Third step - copy it back to the original machine. Delete the damaged original file and use the replacement one.  

With a bit of luck the new file will now open up without any error message.

Fingers still crossed.

USR is a runtime from filemaker.  When you say you "opened" it did you open it as a runtime or did you use a filemaker program to open it?  If you do not have Filemaker you could download a free 30 day trial version and try to open the file that way.  
tmonteitAuthor Commented:
The 'FP7--> Recover"  Route worked.   Thanks!
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