Upgrade Socket 478 Motherboard

Posted on 2011-10-18
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Last Modified: 2013-11-09
I have a Desktop PC with a Soltek MB SL-85DR2-C :
1)Socket 478 (Intel 845E Series)
2)Pentium 4
4)PCI & AGP Slot
5)ATX form factor with size 30.5cm X 21.0cm

The MB has bad capacitors and i am looking for a MB with 478 Socket in ATX form factor.

I found the following :

Gigabyte From e-Bay
Gigabyte Global

Asus from e-Bay
Asus Global

I am very worried about the size of the MB i will found.

My current MB has size 30.5cm X 21.0cm, the Gigabyte has 30.5cm x 20.5cm and the ASUS has 30.5cm*22.9cm.

Will i have a problem with my box because of the fact that the mobos i found do not have the same size ?

Please give me your suggestions and also if you have any good and reliable eshop for buying MB except e-Bay or Amazon.


Question by:ctriada
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Expert Comment

ID: 36990978
>>  Will i have a problem with my box because of the fact that the mobos i found do not have the same size ?

Nope.  (Mostly)

All are ATX boards so mounting (screw holes in the right places) is OK so those boards should drop straight in.  You might possibly have to move a couple of mounting bolts around on the backplate and get a couple of plastic standoffs if the new boards have extra holes.  The case should take the extra size with no problems.

Check the boards come with backplate but that should be stated on the auction site.

I'll presume you've checked your CPU and memory and graphics card is compatible with the boards.

Probably the biggest problem you'll strike is hooking all of the wiring back up to the new board.  The wiring will (should) be compatible but it is a matter of working out where everything plugs into.


Expert Comment

ID: 36990984
I have only had trouble buying used mobos from eBay & will personally steer well clear in future.

It is possible to find older stock that has sat unused all this time, may wanna give it a thorough Google session.

That is my advise anyway...
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Accepted Solution

garycase earned 1000 total points
ID: 36991119
Both of the boards you found on e-bay will fit in your chassis ==> HOWEVER, they're both "pulled from a working system" ... so they're of very close to the same vintage as your board, and are likely to develop similar capacitor issues in the relatively near future.

A much better idea (assuming that you need to keep this system working rather than simply upgrading to a newer system) is to "re-cap" your current board ==> i.e. replace all of the capacitors.    That's not as hard as it sounds ... any competent technician can do it in less than a minute/capacitor.

These folks will do it for $65 ... including the capacitors (but not including shipping):  http://www.badcaps.net/pages.php?vid=11

... they also provide a very good tutorial that helps you do it yourself:  http://www.badcaps.net/pages.php?vid=31      ==>  if you're reasonably competent with a soldering iron, you can simply buy a set of capacitors and do it yourself for ~ $20
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Author Comment

ID: 36991362
Dear dbrunton, fleamourian and garycase , thanks for your answers.

I will try to re-cap all the capacitors.

What is the reason for a damaged capacitor ?

Is there a change i can find a new ATX Socket 478 MB anywhere ?


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Assisted Solution

by:Dr. Klahn
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ID: 36991367
I advise taking garycase's advice, and send it out if someone will do it for $65.  Granted, $65 looks large next to a used $25 motherboard.  However, a recapped board should have at least a 5 year lifetime, and any motherboard based on an 845 chipset is either already a victim of capacitor plague or far into running on borrowed time.

The electrolytic caps on an unused motherboard can actually be in worse shape than those on a board that has been in constant use.  Unused electrolytics slowly corrode themselves.

Good caps from reputable manufacturers (*not* fleabay 6-for-a-buck 3-month-lifetime cheapies) cost at least 25 cents each.  Multiply 40 caps by 25 cents, that's $10 in capacitors.  It takes two hours to do one motherboard even with the right equipment, and all it takes is one damaged near-microscopic trace or internal plane delamination to ruin the motherboard even when using good equipment.  It is not worth $55 to take that risk.  Pay someone who does it every day and guarantees their work.
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Assisted Solution

nobus earned 500 total points
ID: 36991548
look if they sell a kit for your board :  http://www.thecapking.com/
>>  What is the reason for a damaged capacitor   <<  HEAT
it was said that a company used  a stolen formula (which was correct) for making the diaelectric -but was missing the stabilising component; and so caused changing properties after heating a couple of years
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Assisted Solution

garycase earned 1000 total points
ID: 36992268
Is there a chance you can find a "new" Socket 478 motherboard?

Possibly -- it would be advertised as NOS ("new - old stock") => meaning it had sat on a shelf somewhere and never been sold.    The problem is, as DrKlahn noted above, the capacitors on that new board would also have deteriorated with time, even though it wasn't being used.

Having your current board re-capped effectively turns it into a better-than-new board (since they'll use top-quality capacitors to do the re-capping that are likely better than the originals).

Author Comment

ID: 36993060
Thanks all for your answers.

I will give tommorow the MB for changing the capacitors.

I will inform you all for the results.


Author Closing Comment

ID: 37055974
I have replace the bad caps but the problem continue. The service i have given the MB change 7 bad caps but not all. Anyway i found a used Elite Group MB and replace the bad MB. Everything works fine.

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