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I have a question regarding 2 exam questions and I wanted to know how/why the asnwers are what they are, especially on Q2.  

Here are the answer for both Q1 and Q2:

Answer for Q1 is:  The network has been stable for at least the last 45 minutes.

Answer for Q2 is:  There is a flapping link or interface, and router C knows an alternate path to the network. Q1 Q2
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rochey2009Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Q1 - the network has been stable because no updates, queries or replies have been sent or received

Q2 - router C has recieved a query and sent a reply regarding an alternate path to the network - queries are sent when a EIGRP router goes active on a route and it doesn't have a feasible succsesor for the route. It is searching for alternate routes to a network, so it must have seen a change in the network.
Don JohnstonConnect With a Mentor InstructorCommented:
Q1: The hellos are incrementing equally over the 50 minute time span.  And no updates have been sent/received. This indicates that there are no changes in the topology.

Q2: Updates are being sent/received. This means that either a new network has been added or an existing network has gone down. The number keeps increasing which could indicate that a network has gone down, come back up, gone down, etc. In EIGRP, if you don't have an alternate path to a network that's gone down, you send out a Query. Router C is not sending out queries which would indicate that it has an alternate path.
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