How do I make multiple rdlc pages accoring to rows in the dataset?


 I am building a a waybill + pallet label print software on top of our existing system with c# and local reports (easy pdf export and print etc). And now I would need to make a report that produces identical layout pallet labels according to the row count I have in the dataset. To be more exact I have a row for each pallet now in my dataset having all the info, weight volume etc.

Now I would need to know how I can have the designed label (rdlc report) to multiply / generate pages according to the row count. And off course have data for each pallet on the corresponding  row / page.  I am using Visual Studio 2008 Pro.

I found this ASP Net one row per page report.rdlc layout?
And tried to add a list, but I only get one page with the data from the last row in the dataset. Maybe missing something?

I also included a image of my report designer (do not mid the finnish field names) so you can the the idea of what I am trying to do. Report design view from the label
Eero RantanenCIOAsked:
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Eero RantanenConnect With a Mentor CIOAuthor Commented:
Well well,

by doing some more googling. I found a solution. I had to put all my fields inside a list. Now I have my multiple pages with the wanted result. Only some minor adjustments to make.
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