Hyper-V as FSMO server (PDC) and SBS 2011 as VM


Just wondering is it's possible the added DC role to an Hyper-V server which contains a SBS 2011 Prem. If so, can the Hyper-V server be the FSMO (PDC)? The reason for this is that I'm thinking of a DR Scenario, where the first machine to be restored is the Hyper-V server then the VMs.

Any thoughts
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
>>"Will there be an issue with AD if the RODC is booted first then the SBS 2011"
No that is not problem. The problem is only if trying to rebuild an SBS server from scratch within an existing domain. Doing a restore is no problem, and boot sequence is no problem.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
You cannot run Hyper-V on SBS, which appears you are aware of, but it can be a hsot for SBS.
If you have a full version of server 2008 running as the hyper-v host it can be a domain controller, though not recomended, but it cannot hold any FSMO roles in an SBS domain. They must remain on the SBS.
You also cnnot add any roles to the free version of Hyper-v that comes with the SBS premium add-on or the free command line versions. Those 2 versions are limited to being a Hyper-V host only. To add roles you need another ful version of server std, or enterprise
Nutzo247Author Commented:
Thanks RobWill.

Yes it will be a SBS 2011 premium -addon, which includes a full version of Windows server 2008r2. But I think I need to explain abit more what I trying to do......
the SBS 2011 will be VM, on a Hyper-V server which uses SCVMM 2008r2 (workgroup) to manage the VMs. SCVMM only works is the domain fuctional level is windows 2003 and that the Hyper-V server is on the domain.
If the Hyper-V server has DC role enable and it's not FSMO, when the SBS 2011 is restored from a DR, will AD have an issue if the second DC (Hyper-V server) is restored first and then FSMO server (SBS 2011 VM)?
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
>>"Yes it will be a SBS 2011 premium -addon, which includes a full version of Windows server 2008r2."
SBS premium gives you:
Full Server 2008 R2
Server 2008 which can be used only as a hyper-V server (no other roles cam be added
If you use the full server 2008 R2 license as the host you can add roles, but most people use that as a TS or application server.

It is generally not recommended the hyper-V host be domain joined, as AD & DNS are not available when it boots up. If you made the Hyper-V a DC I suppose that would not be an issue.
To clarify another point, SBS has a few limitations; one being it must retain all FSMO roles. That does not stop you from adding other DC's, but they cannot hold any of the FSMO roles. Many folk do use the free hyper-V license for the host and install the 2008 R2 license as a second VM and DC/DNS server. I haven't seen any one install AD/DNS on the Host, in an SBS environment, but if licensed it should be OK.

As for restoring SBS. If restoring from full backup, it should not be a problem, assuming tombstoning doesn't come into play. If rebuilding SBS and trying to re-introduce into the domain, that is a whole new set of problems. That becomes a migration with SBS and I would avoid that scenario.

Though I have secondary DC's in a few SBS environments it generaly is not an advantage. SBS is such a major part of the domain that without it you lose most functionality such that the second DC primarily just allows DNS for internet access.
Nutzo247Author Commented:
Agreed!!!! FSMO roles needs to stay with SBS 2011,
How about a secondary physical server that is Management server which has:
- Backup function for Hyper-V and itself
- SCVMM 2008r2
Rob WilliamsCommented:
I am not sure what you are asking in your last post, but from what I understand I see no problem.
Nutzo247Author Commented:
Sorry I was in a hurry to get out of the office.....

The managment server, will backup the Hyper-V server with the VMs (including SBS 2011) and itself. The management server will have SCVMM installed and be a Read only Domain Controller.

The reason why I need SCVMM is that I have another Hyper-V server used for testing VMs and if the testing is complete, I can then move the VM to the production Hyper-V server.

My question is, after the DR the management server will be the first server restored then the Hyper-V server. Will there be an issue with AD if the RODC is booted first then the SBS 2011?
Nutzo247Author Commented:
I've got enough to work on and thanks for your feedback.
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