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Double Bookings in Outlook 2010 calendars

Hello all,

I am try to find a solution to my following problem, I hope someone maybe able to point me in the right direction or have a good suggestion.

In outlook 2010, When a meeting owner tries to extend the time period of an existing room booking (that has been accepted) and the extension conflicts with another meeting (that has that time slot) the WHOLE room booking gets declined. The original accepted booking is also deleted from the room's calendar.

However even though the room booking is declined and deleted from the room's calendar, it still appears in the user's calendar (and showing the 'extended' time slot !) This causes great confusion as users then believe they have the booking (particularly when it's a few days later where they may have forgotten about or deleted the 'declined' email). Is this a bug in Outlook 2010 ? The end result is users are complaining of what appears to be double bookings.

Thanks in advance.
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There is no resolution for this apart from Educating the User!

When you book a meeting using a resource all you are doing is inviting that room to the meeting, resources are set-up to automatically accept meetings and reject them if there is a conflict. (the user should get an email notifying them that the room has rejected their request)

The users need to be more careful, they need to check the scheduling part of the meeting request to ensure all parties (including the resources) are available at the requested date/time.

Otherwise configure your resources to allow meetings to overlap (not recommended)

Education is the way forward with this one.

SmognoffAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the reply,

Yes I agree with the education part, if you can see a following appointment on the calender why extend it into that time..... asking for trouble.

Would like MS to give the option to warn the user they are doing something wrong and give the option to correct it, and not just automatically decline and cancel the exisiting meeting at the same time.  I guess thats too much of an advanced feature! :)

I not played with the overlapping option yet, but if I do allow overlapping meetings to stop the inconvience of having to recreate a meeting, the user may not know there is a conflict...would need to educate the users to double check the calendar after they have created the appointment.

or just educate the user to check the calendar before they change the meeting appointment in the first place.

please correct me if I am wrong.. as is the usual case.
No your absolutely right, I don't believe it gives any warning about overlapping, just creates an extra appointment.

I agree with you that MS should have made the whole resource thing a lot better, a warning surely can't be that hard to program they've programmed enough in their OS's!! :)


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