IPv6/Nortel Switching Stack Query

I have been trying to identify the host of an IPv6 address which has shown up on some network reports.

We have an IPv4 native network, so no DHCPv6 etc.

We have a Nortel Switching Stack (Base unit - 5520-24T-PWR & 4 x 5520-48T-PWR). And I have been trying to view the NDP cache, to obtain the MAC address etc. Using the show ipv6 neighbor command (in global config mode) but no joy.

In fact, when I run any of the ipv6 commands (show ipv6 default-gateway, show ipv6 address etc) I get invalid input and the marker points to the v (see screendumps)

Obviously ipv6 commands not recognised. So does this mean the switch doesn't support ipv6? Or has it been disabled? Is there a way to check?

Furthermore, is there another way I can determine what devive this ipv6 address is?



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What is your software version ?
-> show sys-info
-> grab the field sysDescr: and SW:

Old versions don't support ipv6. It's ok for me in v6.1.1.017.
You may have to upgrade your switches.

If you're IPv6 address is autoconfigured with an EUI64 address, you can retrieve the Mac Address of the device by getting the last bytes of the ipv6 address, and removing FFFE.


I would suggest to find the mac address first, by this method or by sniffing and looking at ARP caches (devices, switches), and forwarding databases.
tebe155Author Commented:
Yes we are v5.1.0.014, may need to have a look at upgrading.

That's great, I will have a look at the link and see if I can root out the device

Thanks for the info

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