can I use netgeart wireless router as a switch with no internet connections for wired connections

I would like to use a netgear wnr 3700 N600) as a switch on a small network of 4 computers without internet connected to the router.  Can the router be set up to do this?
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Red-KingConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
This Netgear wireless router (and most commerial wireless routers) essentially comprises a router, with one outside and one inside port, and a switch with 5 ports.

The WAN port on the back of the case is the outside (i.e. outside of your private network) connection of the router.
The 4 LAN ports on the back are connected to the switch.
The router inside connection (i.e. inside your private network) is connected to the 5th switch port. The only thing is this connection is made inside the case so you don't see it.

To use the device as a switch you simply connect your devices to the 4 LAN ports, give them static IPs e.g. to, and use the same subnet mask on each e.g.

Don't set a default gateway or DNS server and you should have no trouble connecting to the other devices. Features of your computer such as ARP will take care of address resolution between the computers.

If you have wireless devices you might be able to include them by giving them IP addresses and up with the same subnet mask. This depends on how the device treats connections between the wireless network and the wired network.

Yes you can..
Just disable any functions like DHCP server on the router, and give it an IP for the internal network that that is valid for your LAN and isn't already used by another device.
Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
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