Can't change new network from public to work or home

I am setting up a small network with 4 new dell 64 bit computers.  I have no internet on this network.  When going to network  I have only unknown network which is public and can't be changed.  It does not show as a link.  This is preventing setting up a homegroup.
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jlkirbyAuthor Commented:
These computers are running Windows 7 professional.
The "public network" is a hotspot network. probably in a starbucks or something. You may not be able to access it because your wireless signal is too low, or maybe on a channel you are not supporting. Your wireless router or AP, if you have one,  is not broadcasting a SSID, so you can't see it.

So, what you have to do, is interconnect with it throug the USB port, OR through the default IP of the router with the default password.
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