office applications are slow to attach documents


We have a small network of 10 pc's one of these pc's loads docs and spreadsheets fine from the server, but when yu go to 'file>save as', it hangs for a good thirty seconds, as if it is trying to read the directory, the same thing happens when trying to load attachements to outlook.

Normal navigation around the server through 'my computer' is fine.

I have repaired office, and disconnected the network drives and reconnected them, but the condition persists.

Any thoughts appreciated
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markflexmanAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response.

Turns out it was a corrupt profile, logged in as another user all was ok, then re-created affected user profile and all was fine.

Just a thought... Have you looked at Tools, Options, File Locations tab to see the default location that the app looks at? Is it the same as the other PCs, and/or does the delay improve if you select a different location?

(My sample is from Word 2003 but you get the picture).
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