Auto accept calendar appointment in public calendar

We are looking to have users e-mail their vacation requests to  Is it possible to have it auto entered in the public calendar without having a user accept it?  or is the only way to place calendar as another address of an admin user and have them request it.

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jfletchsterIT ManagerCommented:
You need to email enable a public folder, you right click on the public folder in the view in Exchange System Manager and email enable it, you can then give the public folder an email address and use the auto accpet feature to configure the auto accept rules
jfletchsterIT ManagerCommented:
Here is the microsoft article for installing the AutoAccept agent
See installing the agent.
scoobyftlAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  Had come across the article.  Have you set it up before?  i should set up calendar as separate mailbox then instead of additional e-mail for specific user.

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