Duplicate emails when laptop and desktop are running outlook

I have a laptop and desktop (both running windows 7).  we use exchange server 2003 and I have outlook 2010 on my desktop and outlook 2007 on my laptop.  

It seems that when I have my laptop connected to my work network (physically vs. vpn), many  (although not all) emails come in twice - two duplicate emails in my inbox (exactly the same content, size, time delivered, etc). They appear on my laptop and my desktop.  These are both external and internal emails.

When I shut down one of the instances of outlook, the issue goes away.

I do use a number of rules for organizing my emails. but the issue occurs on emails that are processed by rules and those that are not.  I also checked all my rules and they are "move" not copy rules.

The hard part is - it doesn't happen with every email, but most.  And seemingly more with internal emails than external.  

Again, if I am only running one instance, it's fine, but I have been using my laptop here at the office more and more (to take to meetings, etc) and so it's annoying to have to keep opening and closing outlook.  

Any suggestions?

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Madan SharmaConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
Just  do one thing do a backup of your all rules and remove them from both of your outlook then update us if you still have issue
for backing up rules visit http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook-help/import-or-export-a-set-of-rules-HP005242926.aspx
Berkson WeinTech FreelancerCommented:
First, it sounds like vigorously shaking the laptop might help.  :)    If that fails, lets dive a bit into the setup.

On the laptop, is that configured for pop or imap by chance?  It sounds to me like the laptop is checking for mail when external using pop/imap and storing the email in the local ost.  Then when you connect to the office, it connects via RPC and copies the emails that you recieved via pop into the ost to the server.  

I can't tell you why this doesn't happen with all emails, maybe some kind of filter, maybe you've deleted the one that was downloaded via pop or rpc from the desktop.  Really just guessing.

Give some more details of your setup...

cgilmartinAuthor Commented:
@weinberk - Thanks for the quick reply!  I had already tried the vigorous shaking with little success. Both laptop and desktop are exchange accounts.

@akicute55 - will do that this afternoon and report back.
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Berkson WeinTech FreelancerCommented:
any luck?
cgilmartinAuthor Commented:
Deleting the rules did the trick.  I am adding them back (fresh)  in one by one over the next few days to see if there one that causes the issue.

cgilmartinAuthor Commented:
Deleting, and rebuilding rules was the solution.  Not sure which rule it was, but all good now.
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