Unable to launch Domino Server Console on windows 2008

We just migrated a Domino 8.5.2 server to windows 2008 64 bit OS and everything looks normal but We are unable to open the domino server console locally on the server.
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It does not matter how he did the migration, this is a known issue. See IBM technote: Domino Server console and Windows Server 2008 Session 0 Isolation
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
What was the previous version, and how did you use to open the console? Does the Domino server start? Is it installed as a service? Did you run it manually the first time? You may be asked the question whether you want to upgrade the Address book.
SyFyAuthor Commented:
The OS was windows 2003 and domino was same version 8.5.2.  The domino serrver does start as a service.  The domino server runs fine under 2008 but the java console does launch but can't connect to the local domino sever.
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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
I assume the server is started with the -jc parameter. Can you see the console.exe task (or nconsole) active in the Task Manager?
You could test with a port scanner whether the port 2050 is open ( e.g. http://bnwportscanner.codeplex.com/ )
Please read the administrator help about the Server Controller feature. Search for "Server Controller" (with quotes!) to display all the relevant articles you should read.

Due to changes in the abilities of services to interact with the desktop, the Domino console no longer shows on Windows Server 2008.  You need to change the service definition to start Domino with the Server Controller option.

Read the Admin help for other settings like TCPIP port used (2050) and rights needed to view the console.
  Hi there SyFy ,,,

How did you make this migration ???? Did you build the OS on the server then installed LN8.5.2 on it or you have just upgraded the OS on the same server ???

Did you check the system requirements before performing this installation ???

Moreover, I found on the Internet some windows2008 64-bit problems and some suggested solutions which you can have a look at for more help

Just one more question ... Are you able to connect to the server from your PC using the IBM Administration console ???? Are you able to see the LN transactions moving locally on your PC .

Best Wishes
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