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Server buildout

We are a growing small business looking to get our first server put together with a new server room and would like to know what you think of the setup we are looking to go with.

It will be used to host AD, DNS, DHCP, used for user account folder redirection, and a document management application with SQL express bundled.  

We have about 5 users on the network now (workgrouped) with 4 windows and 1 mac.

We are looking at an HP Proliant with 1 Xeon processor, 20GB ram, 5 - 1TB HD's with Raid 5 config.  I am thinking that we should partition the HD in two.  One for system files (1TB?) and the other (2.75TB?) for user files, database files.  **This is the part that I am stuck and unsure about the most and would like feedback on including partition sizing.

We were looking at APC UPS SMT2200RM 2U rack mount for about 1K.  

1 Solution

Spec of server is fine. Go for either SBS 2011 Standard or SBS 2011 Essentails if you want email in the cloud. The only thing I would change on that is the disk confgiuration. I would either go for 2 mirrors (4 disks) or a mirror (2 disks) + a raid 5 array (3 disks).
That way you can put the system O/S on the first mirror and then the data (files, shares, email db, sql db) on the second mirror (or the raid 5 array).
Would go for 500GB disk or above 7.2k rpm or above
DL 380 G7, is that what you are looking at?
Seems like a lot of sdisk space for 5 usres.
I would go with 2 at 146GB SAS for RAID 1 OS partition and 3 at 300GB SAS RAID 5 for data, similar to this:
Or you could go with 5 at 300GB and use the free ESXi to run two vmware Windows 2008 std servers.  One for Domain controller/DNS/DHCP/ WSUS and print Server and a file server for data and user homes
janlani19Author Commented:
I forgot about mirroring the system drive.  Then raid 5'in the last 3 drives.  I likes.  We have 5 users but a lot of docs, files, inventories, databases, etc accumulated over the past 6 years.  

I am the new IT person set to get this rolling.

I have to setup the domain & dns as well on here.

U think i should keep using the Fortigate firewall as DHCP? or should I use the new server for DHCP too?

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