SharePoint - "file corruption" for only a certain user, permissions issue

Here's the issue I'm having:

I have a Shartpoint site, containing a document library.  The document library DOES NOT inherit permissions from the main site, on purpose, because there's one person who isn't a member of the main site who needs access to only this document library.  

I have setup permissions accordingly.  The uesr can get to the doc library when given a direct link.  However, when she goes to open any Word file in the doc library, she gets the error message seen in the image.  This happens on any computer she uses.  The file is NOT corrupt, and opens fine otherwise.
"File corruption"
I have found that the only way to make it so she can open the files is by giving her read-access to the root site...but, that's not an acceptable solution.  In the root site, it shows she has "limited" access (access only to specific lists/libraries), and in the doc library itself, she has "Contribute" access.  Even if I give her "Full Control" access to the doc library, it still won't let her look at the documents unless I give her access to the root site.  Why?!?
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mgudites1Author Commented:
What I ended up doing was creating a custom security level to give this user on the root page, which allowed them access to the root page but not see any data on it.  That fixed this problem.
Justin SmithSr. System EngineerCommented:
What version of SharePoint?  The limited access is added by default when a lower level list/site has unique permissions.  You shouldn't have to grant them read access to the top level site to enable access to this library.

Are you by chance using a custom master page on your site?
mgudites1Author Commented:
This is Sharepoint 2007.  Yes, we are using custom master pages.
mgudites1Author Commented:
figured it out on my own
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