Siebel Offline Database Migration - Oracle

I have one machine with Siebel installed and a mobile database extracted for offline use. I need to backup the database from this machine and migrate it to a new machine with Siebel installed. The user should then be able to log into on the new machine and access their database.

I am copying the following over

C:\Program Files\Siebel\8.0\web client\LOCAL\dicdata.dat
C:\Program Files\Siebel\8.0\web client\LOCAL\sse_data.dbf
C:\Program Files\Siebel\8.0\web client\BIN\mwc_storage.cfg
c:\Program Files\Siebel\8.0\web client\LOCAL\Inbox
c:\Program Files\Siebel\8.0\web client\LOCAL\Outbox

When I log in Siebel offline on the new machine I get the following

"the user id or password that you entered is incorrect. please check the spelling and try again"

This is what I am now investigating. Thanks
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Paul_Harris_FusionConnect With a Mentor Commented:
With Siebel 8.0,  I have encountered issues with connectivity when I have not set up an ODBC source for the target database.     On previous versions,  I think this was only necessary for Tools operations but seems to be required for all connectivity now.

The [Siebel] section of your cfg file probably contains something like:
LocalDbODBCDataSource    = SEAW Local Db default instance

Try setting up the ODBC source to point to your local database and test the login.  At the very least it will eliminate concerns about the database/password and you can then focus on your siebel cfg file.   At best, it may fix the problem.
What is the version of Siebel in use and what is the operating system of the old and new machine?

is mwc_storage.cfg the client config file being used in both places
bear2001kAuthor Commented:
OS is Windows XP Tablet Edition on both machines
mwc_storage.cfg is the client config file being used in both places
Siebel Version 8.0
Have you confirmed the path to local db is exactly the same on all the machines? It seems unlikely this is the issue since if not found Siebel should prompt you if you want to download a local database.

When moving my local db to another machine I have never moved anything but the dbf.

Tablet OS could be in an issue here.

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