Recover data from a corrupted RAID5

We have a Windows 2003 storage server. It has an Adaptec 51245 controller with battery backup. It has 10 drives that are in a RAID5 of 8.5TB in size. One drive failed and was replaced which caused a "Bad Stripe" situation on the array. Durring the process of copying the data off the array we experienced a power outage in our DC. Now the array is not accessable through Windows. The Adaptec software shows the array as being optimal and all drives present. We just need a way to access the data. I used an Acronis recovery boot disk to attempt a file backup of the data but it runs for a few hours then stops responding. Is there any way outside of a data recovery company to access the data? The Acronis disk which is Linux based shows the file structure but just won't back it up because of the possible corruption of the data either all or in part.
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Christopher McKayConnect With a Mentor Microsoft Network AdministratorCommented:
I have successfully used products to recover data in a situation like this.

Use RAID reconstructor to grab the image of the RAID

Then use getdataback to recover the data in the image:

They also have a raid recovery software program available now, that I have not tried, but given their performance with their other products, I'd be willing to give it a shot.

Hope this helps!

coolfigerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would recommend you use rstudio. I have had success with over 12 companies and users on here. You will be able to create a virtual raid and rebuild the structure, enabling you to copy your data off the drive.
If the RAID rebuild/resync did not complete before it finally went down, and if you choose to use RAID recovery software, remove the replacement drive from the set of disks you use for recovery. The drive which is significantly out of sync with the rest of the array would be a problem in software recovery.
USGLOBALAuthor Commented:
These were both good answers but unfortunately my data was a gonner.. thanks guys!!
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