Continue to get MSExchange Search Indexer error messages

For the past couple days I've been receiving the below error message for each mailbox database on the mailbox server.  I have tried restarting the Exchange search indexer service and microsoft search service, but still continue to receive the error messages.  Any ideas?

EVENT #      4406052
EVENT LOG      Application
EVENT TYPE      Error
OPCODE      Info
SOURCE      MSExchange Search Indexer
CATEGORY      General
EVENT ID      104
DATE / TIME        10/19/2011 11:39:22 AM
MESSAGE      Exchange Search Indexer failed to enable the Mailbox Database Epilepsy Storage Group\Epilepsy Database (GUID = 7c6b7a62-bc0d-4aad-8255-ad3b028bb97c) after 1 tries. The last failure was: System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception: DeleteCatalog failed, error 0x800706BA
at Microsoft.Exchange.Msfte.CFTEAdmin.DeleteCatalog(CatalogState catalogInfo)
at Microsoft.Exchange.Search.Globals.DeleteCatalog(CatalogState state)
at Microsoft.Exchange.Search.Globals.RecreateCatalogAndPropertyStore(CatalogState catalogInfo)
at Microsoft.Exchange.Search.Globals.CheckAndInitializeCatalog(CatalogState catalogInfo)
at Microsoft.Exchange.Search.Driver.MonitorAndUpdateMDBList(). It will retry after 0 minutes.
czazDirector of Systems AdministrationAsked:
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Madan SharmaConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
try to reset your exchange search indexer.
follow the instructions from here :-
czazDirector of Systems AdministrationAuthor Commented:
Does that work with Exchange 2007 as well?
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