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Is it called a defect

Hi Need to know whether this will classified as a defect or not ?

1. The Logical Application Design gives an over all idea of the system behavior or in other words its a high level description. Now the DLD comes up not covering the entire system behaviour which ideally should be done. Now the code developed from the DLD is not as per LAD?

2. If we are doing an enhancement for an existing application, lets say adding an all new functionality in the application  then if the LAD and PAD does not cover all the details of the system behavior in detail like when the buttons should freeze or enabled for all possible scenarios, then is the extra amount of coding done by the developer to cover these is called as gold plating ?

3. Which one is better a reopened defect or a new defect of similar kind ? Its just for tracking purpose
2 Solutions
if you program doesn't function the way it was designed to then anything that goes against that design is a defect. if you are adding new functionality then that is an enhancement, not a defect (unless after you add it, it doesn't function the way it was designed to).

as far as creating new issues or piggybacking.... i would say that if there are features that would need to be retested, directly related to  another defect then you could piggyback otherwise open up a new... you could also just open up a new and reference any other defect you think might be involved.
theo kouwenhovenCommented:
Hi satyacalm,

Depends on the way you work, and in that light the place where the incident is.

Normally, you have your test or QA environment where you test your programs.  
Any problem here you can see as a test incident and can be solved in development. after promoting to test, you can start again and can get new test incidents, that are still in the same test fase, so reopen the defect or test-incident-report, and add the new error or bug.

If the program is in production, you have a new Error, so a new defect should be logged/reported.
then the cyclus wil begin again.

Suhas .QA ManagerCommented:
Developer based Gold Plating:
Developers are fascinated by new technology and are sometimes anxious to try out new features of their language or environment or to create their own implementation of a slick feature they saw in another product--whether or not it's required in their product. The effort required to design, implement, test, document, and support features that are not required lengthens the schedule.

Based on the defenition, Yes #2 is called as Gold plating.

For defect, Yes you need to log a new defect incase the feature or application is not working as per the expectation in Specification or Degrade if already a defect logged with LAD flow.


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