internal dns problem

Hi all,

 I need to setup a internal dns entry for an internal site. ( to resolve to

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davelongmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:

you need to go onto your Domain controller and then admin tools - dns

find the forward lookup zone for cr.local then right click and add a new alias (cname)

create the alias of to resolve to

J_DrakeAuthor Commented:
Will I need to change anything in iis?

you shouldn't need to -dns is used to resolve the path to the  host/site - you can test this once configured by opening a CMD SHELL on a local pc and typing nslookup and it should show the resolution from dns server x.x.x.x (your dns server) as

IIS should not need reconfiguring as long as it has been (or serving that site) - if it was previously then you may need to alter the host headers for that site.

J_DrakeAuthor Commented:
I"ll check it and report back in a bit.

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