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Guys I am trying to track and isolate an issue with outlook/exchange 2007 but using performance monitor in Windows Vista. The problem I am having is finding some baseline material to let me know what is acceptable and whats not acceptable as far as the counters in outlook 2007. I do not want to look at the exchange server yet but trying to find info for the outlook client. For example below

rpc's attempted      1,848.000
rpcs  attempted -ui  0.000
RPC failed       3.000
RPC Succeeded      1,845.000
time max      670.000
time min      1.000
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Hendrik WieseConnect With a Mentor Information Security ManagerCommented:
Have a look at the following, it should give you a good idea about acceptable counters: White Paper: Outlook Anywhere Scalability with Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003, and Exchange 2007
Outlook performance issue?

If Outlook is not having the appropriate network\connectivity\band-width, it will *then* start throwing-up the RPC_dialog-box

If Outlook is not able to access the mails\items...you can see the sync-issues @ the Outlook-Cached-Exhcange-Mode profiles

What is the main issues you are chasing at?
techdriveAuthor Commented:
E_aravind periodically users are getting a pop up of a RPC_Dialog box. We have not been able to confirm or catch this at a certain time. So that is why we wanted to do a meeting with them. This is a small remote office and the big remote office where the exchange servers are located we are not having any issues.
techdriveAuthor Commented:
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