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In the office that I work, everybody uses laptops at their desks. Everyone is connected wirelessly to our office server.

We have something called a "master calendar" that everyone can access using MS Outlook 2010. However, one of the employees cannot access the master calendar. He says it works "intermittently."

He doesn't seem to have any other connectivity problems. That is, he can surf the net and save documents to our server... He's on the office network. I believe we are all running Windows 7 on our machines. (My office is the only Mac, so I'm not familiar with the latest Windows OS)

Any ideas? I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you in advance!
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jcimarronConnect With a Mentor Commented:
mellijae--Perhaps the Mac is not set up properly.  Read section 6 here
But you mention the problem as intermittent.  That sounds more like a problem with wireless reception.
mellijaeAuthor Commented:
@jcimarron-- thank you for your answer, but I think you misunderstood. Everyone is using PC's in the office. I am the only Mac person, but they asked me to see if I could figure out why one particular PC laptop can't access the company master calendar.

My office Mac actually works great-- never a problem, never a crash!

I'm assuming, because everybody else can connect to our public Outlook calendar, that it is a networking or permissions error with his particular machine. But the problem is relatively new for him.

I would look like a superstar if I could figure this out without calling our expensive, on-call network guy!
mellijae--The comment and link I provided would apply to a PC as well.
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