Execute exe cmd dll from asp.net IIS 7.5 permissions

Researching the web all appear to provide the same or similar configuraiton however, I am still unable to properly process an executable from an ASP.net page.

I have a web page which displays a list of items with a link to another aspx page which performs a StartInfo Process to run my console application.  My console app calls a process that reads a data file from a source location and saves the result to a destination.  It also runs a process utility like 7z.exe which compresses the data output to a zip file which is stored in the final destination location.  The processes work fine executed directly from the Server at command line.  So, I am assuming user/permission.  

What I am looking for is how to properly allow the execution of my utilities as well as a packaged program utility from an ASP.net page.

created a virtual directory where programs stored
Enabled handler mapping for exe and dll in the virtual directory.
I have created the Allow restriction for my application exe and dll , not sure how to handle a huge application with several dlls though.
changed permission on the files I am executing for IUSR
changed permission on the folders which I am accessing for IUSR
Tried identy impersonate=true

Event Viewer returns event id 1001
Again, I am assuming user access/permission but not sure where to look closer.

Or is there a way to allow the external program prior access privilege through code?

Any assistance would save some hair...
DoDebuggerInformation TechnologyAsked:
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David Johnson, CD, MVPConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
you could shim it by making a service that calls the executable and passes the parameters needed. the caveat being that they will be loaded in the context of IUser and not the currently logged on user and there may be sandboxing problems
DoDebuggerInformation TechnologyAuthor Commented:
Additional Note:  Testing various processes indicate that I am able to successfully execute a console app, however, I cannot successfuly execute this particular application 1) because it is calling a larger application which contains many dll's.  Do I need to register the complete application to properly execute the program?  For example, I am using the program similar to MS Word to open and SaveAs or print but, calling the application like WORD from a compiled console app.  The console app does other processing during the execution cycle.
DoDebuggerInformation TechnologyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the information, I will look into this option.
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