Excel 2010 crashes sometimes when some documents are linked together

We have documents in excel that have many connections to some (5-10) other excel-documents where data is taken from. From time to time says Excel 2010 that an error occured an Excel is running anymore. With normal excel sheets with less documents data taken from the error don´t occure.
This happens with most(maybe all) computers in LAN. But the same document that sometimes crashes, sometimes works fine.
We have ServicePack1 installed. All computers are Win7 32 Bit, with Office 2010 32 Bit in a win2003-domain.

Any ideas ?
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ScriptAddictConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This could just be the stability of your network.  If Excel thinks you lose connection to your network occasionally it could be the cuprit.

If you move these documents to your desktop are you ever able to reproduce the error?  

Do the errors happen at busy network times?

Do you have all the other patches installed?  There are a lot of "compatibility" patches for 7.  SP1 for 7 or Office or both?
I think Office still has quite a few bugs to work out.  Excel tends to crash with password protected spreadsheets.
loosainAuthor Commented:
office 2010 sp1, win 7 sp1 and all latest win-updates are installed... i am going to check wether there are passwords set. but i think there are no password protected excel sheets.
loosainAuthor Commented:
until now we didn´t get back the problem after working with the documents from desktop, so we have to search the network for the error... :-(
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