OWA / Office 2010 / Exchange 2010: Opening another users mailbox in OWA

I want to access other users mailboxs via OWA.
I do NOT want to right click on my name and pick > Open Other Users Mailbox.

I want to go to the upper right hand corner, as shown, and pick 'Open Other Users Mailbox'


I am new to Exchange 2010, and I am the exchange administrator, I should have full rights to all mailboxes.
Do I have to give myself more permissions, if so please advise what i have to do.

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Well on Active directory level there is no other solution
BUT there can be another way to grant someone a readonly access to some/all mapi folders.

(I havnt test it, but technically it should work)

From the user outlook mailbox, right click the top of his mailbox  (ie : Mailbox - John) and select Change permission sharing.

In permission tab, add your account, and click read:none   Delete : none
Check the box : Folder Visible

Now on another folder (ie : Inbox) and choose Change Sharing permission
Add your account in permission tab and select Reviewer
Read : Full details
Delete item : None
Other : Folder Visible

Do this for every folder you want to give yourself access in readonly mode

Now try to open the mailbox from the top right corner in your OWA
Only selected folders should appear, and you have only read rights.

You can get access to all mailboxes, but before I would like you to reconsider what you are trying to do.
Access to mailboxes is denied for administrator by design for legal reasons. You 'should' not have full rights on mailboxes.

You can do everything without having access to mailboxes, you just can not read mails.

What are you willing to do with this right ?

Finally, you can type this command to grant full access to all mailboxes in all mailboxes database
Get-MailboxDatabase | Add-ADPermission -user [username] -AccessRights GenericAll

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techgeniousAuthor Commented:
Well let me ask you this, how do I get access to opening a users mailbox in OWA?
I don't want to right click on their mailbox and give myself 'FULL' mailbox permissions.

That is a pain when I am troubleshooting.
I had an issue where the user advised cannot open OWA.   SO i went into OWA and  I did not have the option in the upper right hand corner to open other mailbox.
How do I get that option.

Creating Active Directory Users from a Text File

If your organization has a need to mass-create AD user accounts, watch this video to see how its done without the need for scripting or other unnecessary complexities.

You must click on your name in upper right corner to make the box appear

Are you right-clicking on your name in the left-hand column (and not your inbox)? It should be there.
Here is a pic of mine :

As previous members said, you have to have permissions in order to open mailboxes. Admins do not have this by default.
 right click
I think he does not want to open the inbox this way. He wants to make the 'select mailbox' field appear.
It is hidden and you need to left click your name in upper right corner to make it popup.

Winny, there is no other way to access a mailbox than having full rights on the it since OWA will open its root folder with your credentials.

On the other hand, opening just user inbox or calendar does not require much rights, just a delegate. This won't let you open the mailbox using the upper left 'select-mailbox' field.
techgeniousAuthor Commented:
Gerald you are right, I don't want to right click on my name and click > Open Other User's Inbox.
I want to do it from the upper right hand corner.

So basically your telling me, I have to give myself permissions to access a persons email.


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