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Hi all,
I have a user with Outlook 2007 with a Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 mailbox configuration; TCP/IP connectivity and everything seem to be working fine.

My question: The user created some folders below the inbox some time ago (maybe years ago) and the folders appeared to be shared (see attached image), the problem is that when I go to the folder properties and try to change the folder permissions (for instance remove from the permissions window a user that doesn’t exists anymore and appears as a bunch of characters instead of a name) it appears gray out and I can’t remove it.

Any idea how to remove the sharing permissions from these folders?
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If you are having issues removing the share permissions...

If sharing is no longer required....

Since best practice is to keep such folders in a Personal Folder, Not in the Mailbox

I would create a PST.
Create the same folders in the PST
Move the emails over

Once moved, delete the folders from the Mailbox

AQNSYSAuthor Commented:
Notice the user shared folders
AQNSYSAuthor Commented:
I did know what the expert said, but I will take this as a confirmation that nothing else can be done.

But Geeze why the B?

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