sql/vs which first?

is there a sequence required when both sql and vs is installed in a mahcine- which goes first?
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25112Author Commented:
the scenario is sql r2 and visual studio 2010- does it matter if sql is installed first or vs- is it important, and any recommendations?
It does not matter. Make sure you don't install Express edition coming with VS though

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25112Author Commented:
you mean sql express?
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25112Author Commented:
some developers are alarmed or heard from someone that an order of install is needed.. would any MS document confirm this, so i can present to them?
Yes, I meant sql express. This is part of VS.Net installation.

I don't remember anything in the documentation and I seriously doubt that order matters. I have never heard about any issues because of the wrong order.
25112Author Commented:
actually i found a few.. it is on the other pc.. i will send it..

here is one i had now
25112Author Commented:
i see symtoms but no clear word on how they step on each others toes..
Since Visual Studio comes with redistributables for SQL. If you really want to make sure nothing bad happens, you should do VS first so that the SQL server installation doesn't have any pieces overwritten by the VS, but it shouldn't need that.
I'll throw my .02 at this...

When dealing with express it really doesn't matter. VS will install sql express for you so really its a moot point.

The issue arises when wanting a full version of sql then you want to install SQL Server 1st and/or (as previously pointed out) not allow VS to install express.

The reason is a simple one in that if you install VS 1st and allow it to install SQL express it will then take up the default SQL instance and when you install SQL Server (full version) you will have to use a named instance.

This may or may not be a problem depending on how you want to work, but that is probably why this discussion started with your associates.
25112Author Commented:
>>Since Visual Studio comes with redistributables for SQL.
can you please explain that actually means in practical sense..
Visual Studio comes with "in essence" SQL Express only.

If you are only ever going to use SQL Express on that machine then it does not matter which one (SQL Express or VS) you install 1st. As a matter of fact there is no point installing anything other than VS because its all there already.

NOTE: Since you said before you are only dealing with SQL Express then the above paragraph answers your question in full and the whole question of which to install first is moot.

If on the other hand you wanted to install a full version of SQL Server then a small complication arises. When you install SQL (Express or Full) a database instance is made and given a default name. If you install SQL Express first (with VS install) it will be one database instance on your machine and it will take the default name position. Now if you try to install the Full SQL instance you will be forced to change the default installation slightly by installing a "named instance" of SQL. You will actually get an error and fail using default settings.

This situation is not tragic and often may be what people want but when dealing with things down the road it can just amount to "one more thing". It can just cause little complications and headaches that you have to figure out and solve along the way.

This is the reason to install SQL 1st and VS second as practically as I know how to put it.
25112Author Commented:
dwkor and others,

this is the first link that raised the flag for us..


but we could not find a msdn doc or reco on this, and hence wanted you ask you all..

Tommy/ddayx10, does this link have anything that you said.. i did'nt think so.. appreciate your input.
Well it seems like the author of that article was having even more technical glitches and they probably did have to do with the interaction between the common components and configurations of SQL Express being installed and setup before the full version of SQL.

I have spent more hours (just like the author) trying to fix, setup and use SQL over SQL Express than I ever cared to. It is a hassle of searching and checking settings etc.

Just like the author I have found (installed on several dev machines here in the office) that I never have an issue going with SQL Server first and Visual Studio second.

Again I'll re-iterate that if you are only dealing with SQL Express none of this is going to affect you. You just install VS and everything you were looking for is there.
25112Author Commented:
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