Vista indexing woes

I have Vista with Outlook 2007. Outlook indexing stopped working a while ago. Checking into it, it looked like I needed to rebuild the system indexes. I went into Vista's Indexing Options and got rid of most of the indexed locations except for Outlook. I clicked Advanced to rebuild, got a dialog or two, and then it froze.

I forced Indexing Options to stop and restarted it, but it still hangs. Any ideas?
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Jim-RConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Can you repair your profile?  If you can't do this, your Admin privileges are really up the creek.
Fix a corrupted user profile

Accessing Windows Event Viewer isn't exactly high on the lock down list.  Looking at errors doesn't really change anything.  You'd think anyone would be able to get into the event viewer.

"In Place Upgrade" (Vista repair install) would be the next thing to try if you can't get Admin rights back.

Install Google Desktop.

It is faster than Windows search.
It presents the data better.
It indexes better.

It works.

BlearyEyeAuthor Commented:
Does it index Outlook folders?
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PST ones on your local drive.   Yes.
BlearyEyeAuthor Commented:
Google desktop is not longer available. I've tried Xobni, but to do anything useful with it I have to pay for an upgrade.
When you search, are you looking for results from inside of files or just the files themselves?

If you are only interested in finding files and folders, I've found a small, less than 350Kb (1/3 of 1MB) freeware program that is better than anything else I've ever used.

It's called "Everything".  It indexes files very quickly and uses very little of your resources.

Download it from the following link

Everything search engine
WOW.   I didn't know google desktop had been cut off.  Try to find an old link to it ;)
BlearyEyeAuthor Commented:
Jim: my immediate interest is indexing messages in Outlook.

In any case, I'm irritated that Vista indexing has failed and I can't find a way to fix it.
There is a Microsoft Fix for Window's Search

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Did you install anything after Office 2007 that may be Office related and is an "older" version?

One person has posted

I had a similar issue -- 'instant search' had been working great for weeks and then it suddenly stopped functioning. I later learned that it stopped when i had installed FrontPage 2003 -- apparently there is a known issue with installing components from older Office versions. I ran the "Microsoft Office Diagnostics" tool which repaired things, then I had it rebuild the index one more time. Its now working!

For Outlook

   1. On the Help menu, click Office Diagnostics.
   2. Click Continue, and then click Start Diagnostics.

Yet another link possibly related to your issue

You cannot search RTF e-mail messages in Outlook 2007


When you perform a search in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, the search returns no e-mail messages that contain the search criteria.

This issue occurs if the following conditions are true:

    * You upgraded to Windows Vista from Microsoft Windows XP.
    * Then, you upgraded to a 2007 Microsoft Office suite from an earlier version of Microsoft Office.
    * Outlook 2007 is configured to use the Rich Text Format (RTF) file type for e-mail messages. Alternatively, you received many RTF e-mail messages.

When these conditions are true, the RTF file type is no longer registered in Windows Vista. This behavior prevents Outlook 2007 from searching in any RTF e-mail message.
BlearyEyeAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I thought I'd replied to Jim-R.

The proposed Fixit does not do resolve the issue. Am trying the Office Diagnostics
BlearyEyeAuthor Commented:
Hmmm ... when trying Office Diagnostics, it says I don't have sufficient privileges to access the Windows event log. My account has Admin privileges. I logged in as the real Admin and got the same message. So something is pretty messed up ...
BlearyEyeAuthor Commented:
I'll work on fixing the corrupted user profile over the weekend. I'll want to image my disk first so I can revert in case something really bad happens ...
BlearyEyeAuthor Commented:
I haven't been able to try the solutions proposed, but they look plausible.
BlearyEyeAuthor Commented:
Sorry about the delay -- sometimes life intervenes. But I am going to follow up and will post the results.
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