DNS name(A) problem

Hello Experts,

I have a small issue that I seem to be hitting the wall with. I have my main DC running DNS and AD. Everything works flawlessly. All workstations can connect, follow GPO etc.

I get a task to provision a small VM on the network so our developers can build a small Intranet portal for our employees. Piece of cake. Provision an ubuntu vm, install OS, configure static ip, set up users, blah blah.

Now we need a friendly name for this server so that our users can easily remember it. No problems. Go into DNS settings on DC, add a name(A) record as "intranet.xxxx.local" -> (servers static ip).

Check nslookup on server its self, everything resolves. Go to my workstation punch in http://intranet/ and get redirected to google.

Seems that on some workstations the DNS name works, on others it does not. No pattern of any kind. All workstations are set to use main DC as the primary DNS server via DHCP server settings. DHCP also runs on main DC.

Can anyone suggest what could be the issue?  
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JohnGrunwellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
for the ones that don't see it flush the dns cache on the local pc then try to hit http://intranet/ 
see if that works for you
On both the machines, where it works and where it does not, verify that the DNS server is correct (use "ipconfig /all" from a command prompt).

If the DNS server is correct, then "ping intranet", again from a command prompt.

If this is working, then something is wrong with the settings of the browser.

Krzysztof PytkoSenior Active Directory EngineerCommented:
I would suggest on your DHCP server in server/scope(s) options (depends on your configuration) set up option 015.
Option 015 is a DNS Domain Name (FQDN - Fully Qualified Domain Name). Put there, your domain string i.e. testenv.local
Reboot client(s) to get new settings from DHCP server and then check if you can access that website using short DNS host (A) record

Should work fine! :)

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check the failing machines arent using a proxy, or have 'dont use proxy for local addresses'
perhaps even check for spyware, but my money is some of the above suggestions may work
if you do nslookup yourintranet.domain.com which DNS server is replying and what ip address it resolves, check if this is the correct ip address of your intranet site server.
iPromoExpertAuthor Commented:
ipconfig /flushdns with an ipconfig /renew on each workstation got everything working. Strange, never had to do that when provisioning a new name alias.
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